My Current Favourite Netflix Series – Updated

As we’re probably all watching more TV than usual I thought I would share with you all of the series I have recently watched to give you some inspiration.

Money Heist

The Stranger

Jessica Jones


Zumbos Just Desserts

How To Get Away With Murder






Designated Survivor


Stranger Things


Designated Survivor

Let me know what you have been watching in the comments.


Add yours →

  1. Lucifer! Which i never thought i would watch but its so good and not what you would think!

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  2. I have been on a Vampire Diaries binge and just found The Good Witch tv show on Netflix last night!

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  3. I am absolutely loving The Crown. It has been riveting.

    You’ve got some great choices here, I loved You in particular and Riverdale x

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  4. You got some fun shows on this list! Definitely still want to try out Lucifer, Riverdale’s first season was fantastic, though I still get stuck in the second season. Zumbos Just Desserts was just fantastic, me and my hubby both enjoyed that one lots. At the moment I am watching Community which just popped up on my country’s Netflix. 6 seasons and currently on season 3.

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