Benefit Brow Superstars

I have used Benefit products for as long as I can remember and Gimme Brow is my favourite eye brow product, it’s perfect for everyday makeup. My Auntie got me this Benefit Brow Superstars for Christmas and it has everything I could ever need it it.

It has 6 full size products and has everything you need to define, fill, shape, sculpt, highlight, volumise your eyebrows! I wear shade 2 as I am quite fair and have blonde hair.

Here are some swatches, the set comes in shade 2, 3 & 4. You can buy all of the products individually and they come in a very wide range of shades, I usually wear a 1 or a 2. If you didn’t want to buy the full size products they do a lot of minis that you could get if you wanted to try.

Have you tried any eyebrow products from Benefit before, what are your favourites?


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  1. My sister received this for Christmas and I was so jealous as I’ve only just gotten into wearing makeup and am starting with my eyebrows 😂 I have the primer and it’s sooo good! 🙌 Great post! 💕


  2. I’ve always been sceptical about expensive brow products because I already have a good base and don’t need much but I got the Gimme Brow in the Sephora advent calendar and oh boy, it’s good! This kit sounds amazing, I wonder if I can still find it in Italy, I definitely want to try more


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