My Night Time Routine

Having a good night time routine is so important to help you switch off and sleep well. I always find the evenings are such a rush by the time I’ve got home from work made dinner, put the washing on or emptied the dishwasher and whatever else is on my to do list I feel ready for bed but I haven’t relaxed.

After I have done everything I need to I have some me time, I put some music on and get in the shower or have a bath depending on how I feel (or how much time I have!). I am currently washing my hair every other day, I wish I could leave it longer but it gets too greasy. I change shampoos all of the time but at the moment I am using Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner, I love Aussie shampoos because they all smell amazing! After I shower I use my new favourite thing which is the Dove Summer Revived gradual tanning lotion, I have been putting this on every day and it leaves my skin with a natural glow.

I am currently using Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser on my face and it leaves my skin so smooth, I follow that with either the Pixi Rose Tonic or Glow Tonic and then apply the Dove Summer Revived Face Lotion.

Now the weather is a bit colder I am living in my onsie and comfy lounge outfits, my favourite is this one from Boohoo, Primark also have an amazing fleece set which I think was only £8! Then it is time for me to chill on the sofa usually watching Netflix, I am currently obsessed with Power. Most of the time I fall asleep on the sofa which I hate doing but I just get so tired and then wake up and regret it. I try to keep off of my phone for at least an hour before bed and I usually like to go to bed at about 10pm as my alarm goes off at 5:45am for work.

I like my bedroom to feel cosy so in the evening I always have the lamps on rather than the main lights and it’s always nice for your bed to look inviting and be comfortable. have some lovely beds and mattresses and they are all really reasonable prices too.  My favourite is the Daytona Grey Linen Fabric Bed, I do love buttoned headboard, I think it makes the beds look so luxurious.

After I have brushed my teeth and washed my face it is time to get into bed, we have an electric diffuser which I like to put on before bed and I use a spa scented oil which helps me sleep. I make sure my alarm is set for the morning but do not go on my phone as it will keep me awake.

That is my night time routine, let me know how you spend your evenings in the comments below .

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  1. That bed looks so inviting! I’m the same as you – I need to have a little time to myself to unwind before bed. A nice long bubble bath is my preferred method but more often it is just a quick shower and then lighting a few scented candles and jumping into bed with a book xxx


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