Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit always has and I’m sure always will be one of my favourite makeup brands. My family bought me some Benefit makeup for Christmas and I treated myself to a mini goof proof brow pencil.

My sister bought me Hoola and it has always been my go to bronzer, I use it all year round and I have used it for as long as I can remember. Benefit released Hoola lite a few years ago which is next on my list to try, it is a lighter version of the original. The formula is amazing and always looks so natural.

My Auntie bought me this Benefit set from QVC which came with the most beautiful pink sparkly makeup bag, in the set were the following products:

Gold Rush Blusher – This is described as a warm, golden-nectar tone blush with flecks of golden pearl and that is exactly what it is! It is so pretty and I think it would be perfect for summer.

They’re Real Double the Lip – Juicy Berry – The thing I love about this lipstick is that is has two shades, I did get a bit confused about how to apply it so the darker shade was on the outside of your lip but I realised you have to turn it upside down to apply it to your top lip, I got there eventually and it is a really pretty shade and definitely want to try some of the other colours they have.

Roller Lash Mascara – This mascara is amazing and it has featured in both of my everyday makeup routines, here and here. It is amazing at curling and separating your eyelashes and really holds them in place for the day.

Gimme Brow – This is such a handy eyebrow products and I use it every day, it was also one of my 2018 favourites. Benefit really do have the best eyebrow products!

It is such a lovely gift set and also came with a pink heart shaped mirror to match the makeup bag which went straight in my handbag.

After Christmas I went sale shopping and the only thing I came back with was this eyebrow pencil. I picked this up as I was walking through House of Fraser and couldn’t resist the Benefit counter, I got the mini version so I could try it and I’ve used it for about a week and I am very impressed. My eyebrows are quite fair so I didn’t want them to look drawn on but you can press as hard or as soft as you want to to fill in your brows.

What are your favourite Benefit products?


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  1. Benefit has always been one of my favourite brands but since doing Veganuary I’ve had to cut them out. I miss them but I’m so sad they’re not cruelty free. Hopefully a change will come soon coz my brows aren’t the same!


  2. I really like the goof proof brow pencil and roller lash is a nice everyday mascara too. I find those they’re real lip things so odd? I got one in a magazine once and I spent ages trying to figure out what the point of two shades was. Great selection of products here x



  3. I have not tried Beneffit so far, but according to your post maybe I should. Maybe 2019 is the year I finally do.
    Many thanks for sharing! 💕


  4. Nice write-up! Just yesterday, I bought a Hoola, Gimme Brow and Real Red lipstick (the one that came with a brush). I am so excited to try them and so happy to be reading articles like this one. 🙂


  5. I love Benefit. I may have to stock-up on Hoola Bronzer.


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