My Hair Care Routine With L’Occitane

I have such a love hate relationship with my hair, sometimes it’s really dry, sometimes it’s really greasy I can’t get the balance right 🤷🏼‍♀️ My friend suggested that I may have a lot of product build up in my hair so I’ve started using an organic shampoo. L’Occitane have a good selection of natural shampoo, I love the repairing shampoo and conditioner which is for dry & damaged hair which really helps as I’ve straightened and curled my hair every day for as long as I can remember!

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I wanted to share with you my hair care routine and some tips I have picked up. I always brush my hair before I wash it (I’m not sure why I do this but I just feel better getting into the shower with freshly brushed hair with no knots).

Once I have wet my hair I use a pea size amount of shampoo and massage it into my hair, I have started shampooing my hair twice so I use a tiny amount first and wash that out then go in again and I find it goes so much more foamy and I feel like it solves the product build up problem I think I have and leaves me with clean hair 💁🏼‍♀️

Once all of my shampoo is washed out I will then use a small amount of conditioner on the very ends of my hair and leave this on for a few minutes before washing this out.

After I have washed my hair I will then towel dry it as much as I can before brushing and drying it. I use a big paddle brush and then brush it into my parting, if my hair is still really wet then I will squeeze the ends with my towel.

I spray my hair with a heat protection spray and then dry it using my hairdryer, I will also split my hair into different sections to make sure it is all dry.

If I want straight hair then I will use my straighteners but just on the ends so I still keep body and volume in my hair and if I am curling then I will do the same, it is a lot easier to straighten my hair so that is usually my go to!

*this post is sponsored with L’Occitane, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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