My Spring / Summer Handbag Essentials

I know the weather has been awful this week but I am being hopeful and when the sun does come back these are the items you’ll find in my bag. The bag that I am sure I will be using all summer is my new Michael Kors handbag which was my Christmas present from Ryan. I love everything about this bag it is the perfect size and a lovely summery colour.

Sunglasses are always an essential, I bought these a few years ago at the airport and they are still my favourites. They are normally on my head and not in my bag but they are still a spring/summer essential. It’s always nice to keep a small perfume in your bag to top up through the day as I don’t care how good the perfume is it is never going to last all day – well mine doesn’t anyway. I am currently loving Miss Dior, Eau De Parfum.

I don’t carry this product in my bag but I wanted to feature it anyway. This shimmer oil if from the Rosie for Autograph collection at M&S. I apply a tiny amount to my arms and legs before I go out and it gives my skin a light shimmer which is so pretty with tanned skin and amazing on holiday in the evenings!

I really don’t like wearing too much makeup in the summer, so if I am just going to a lighter look I will use this Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter. I have the shade Peach Kiss, although it is meant to be a highlighter it is quite dark for me so I use it as a glowy bronzer!

I go from one extreme to the other when it comes to lipsticks but 9 times out of 10 I will choose a nude lip. This one is one of my favourites, it is a L’Oreal matte lip pain in the shade Babe-In. You can read my full review here.

Other bits that you will find in my bag are my purse, hand sanitiser, chewing gum, phone and keys.

What are you handbag essentials for summer?

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  1. That Makeup Revolution highlighter actually looks like a blush – such a pretty color!


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