My Bedroom Details

I love looking at interior photos and I follow so many accounts on Pinterest and Instagram to get inspiration. I wanted to share more pictures of our home with you.

I thought I would start with my bedroom as it is my favourite room in our house. I wanted it to have a simple, cosy feel and we have gone with a grey, white and purple colour scheme.

Our bed is my favourite, it is the Westcott bed from Next which I have paired with simple but really pretty white duvet sets. I like to have a couple of cushions on the bed, the two fur ones are from House of Fraser, the cream one with the feathers is from Zara Home which is one of my favourite home shops! The rectangular velvet one is Kylie Minogue and the beautiful crushed velvet one if from a local interior design shop. On our bedside table we have a lamp and electronic diffuser which I put a spa scented oil in to and it smells amazing!

The chest of drawers fits perfectly in front of our window at the end of our bed. I love the colours in the orchid that we have at the moment, they match our room beautifully. I don’t like surfaces to look too clutters so we have a photo frame, my lovely engraved trinket box, a candle and Ryan’s Aspinal tray.

Our wardrobe may look tiny but it’s amazing how much we can fit in there. I love having white furniture I think it opens up the room and makes it feel very light and it also matches our white blinds. By the other window I have my Paris illustration book my Megan Hess next to tealight holder and another photo frame.

These are all the little details in our bedroom, what favourite things to do you keep in your bedroom? Let me know what colour scheme you have in the comments below.


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  1. Your bedroom is beautiful!! Definitely goals!!!
    xo |

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  2. Your bedroom is gorgeous! It literally looks like something straight from Pinterest


  3. Beautiful! I can’t get enough of blankets! xx


  4. Wow! That’s so beautiful and impressive. My room sure doesn’t look like that. How long did it take you to design it?


  5. This is so pretty!! I love the colour scheme ! Forever jealous of that bed 😍😍


  6. Such a beautiful bedroom! I’m looking to do mine up in the same sort of colour scheme so this has given me so much inspiration! xx


  7. Your room is Gorgeous!!


  8. Beautiful ! I love the throw. Might have to get myself one !! 💗


  9. Your bedroom is literally goals. Like, I just can’t fault it! I especially love your wardrobe & the throw! xx


  10. I love this! Such lovely colours, I’m a sucker for greys and the purple adds a nice effect, I love going home ware shopping in tk maxx


  11. dirtandlipgloss March 15, 2018 — 10:46 pm

    So pretty!


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