Updated Make Up Routine 💄

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. I did an everyday make up routine in September last year so I think it’s time for an updated post as I now use some different products. 

Before applying my makeup I use Superdrug’s Vitamin E day cream to moisturise.

The foundation I am currently using the majority of the time is Clinique Superbalanced, what I do when applying my foundation is dot it on my face and then add some drops of Benefit Highbeam before blending in my foundation. I have found this gives me a really nice and natural glowy base. 

I have used Benefit Hoola for about 6 years so it is always a go to for me! 

Recently I have been using this selection of L’Oréal blushers, I really like the light pink shade on the left. I use a tiny bit of Sleeks’ Cleopatra’s Kiss on the tops of my cheek bones to finish off my face makeup. 
For mascara I use both Benefit Roller Lash and Benefit They’re Real, I am looking to try some new mascaras soon, let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments below. 

To finish off my makeup I brush Benefit Gimme Brow onto my eyebrows to add colour and to keep them in shape. 

I have so many different lipsticks and lip glosses so I normally choose one on the day. You can see my post with my nude lipstick collection here

What are your everyday makeup essentials? 


Add yours →

  1. I love all of those benefit bits! High beam is such a great highlighter

    Leah x

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  2. I’m a recent convert to the Benefit “They’re Real!” mascara. It works so well!

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  3. I really love that L’Oréal blush palette! It’s so versatile 💜


  4. Can’t go wrong with benefit! My biggest go to is precisely, my brow for definition :>


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  5. The blushers look so lovely! There’s such a nice range of different shades, which is so helpful if you have the “pre-workout glow” and you don’t need much haha x
    Claire | clairesyear.com

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  6. Ahhh that Clinique foundation looks so good, I see you post pictures of it and it looks so nice! X

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  7. Girl I’m sure I’ve commented how badly I want Hoola and I just got it!! So excited to add it to my ever-growing Benefit collection. I love Roller Lash too but before I used that I used Estée Lauder’s scrumptious one. You can try it at a counter 🙂

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