L’Oréal Makeup

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. I wanted to share with you the new L’Oréal products that I treated myself to. 

My lovely friend Hannah has been telling me how amazing these liquid lipsticks are so of course, I had to try them. 

They have a selection of matte and glossy shades so I chose one of each. I am a massive fan of liquid lipsticks and these are now some of my new favourites. 

Lip Paint – Matte – Babe-In
I chose this matte shade as I LOVE nude lipsticks. It has such a creamy texture and the applicator applies it so easily. It is a really natural colour and feels very moisturising and is non drying. It also doesn’t dry completely matte which I quite like as it avoids the crispy lip-look, it is very long lasting and doesn’t transfer once dry. 
Lip Paint – Lacquer – Darling Pink 
The other lipstick I got was Darling Pink, I was immediately drawn to this shade as I do love a good pink, especially for summer. This one isn’t a matte shade so it does have a glossy finish but it isn’t the typical sticky texture of a lipgloss. It is again very long lasting although it does take a bit longer than the matte one to set it still has a lovely finish. The colour is so me and I will definitely be buying some more of these lipsticks. 

One thing my makeup bag needed was a new blusher. I have been using Benefit Dandelion for a while now and I really wanted to experiment with some new blushers. This palette looked like exactly what I was looking for. I chose the pinks palette rather than the ambers as I thought they would suit my skin tone better. There are 5 shades and they range from hot pink to baby pink. They are all lovely shades and work well with any make up look and of course lovely with my new lipsticks. 

I got these three products on a 3 for 2 offer which is in Superdrug at the moment. 

What are your favourite L’Oréal products ? 


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  1. Those L’Oréal Liquid Lipsticks sound amazing! I love liquid lipsticks so I will definitely be giving those a try 😍 xx

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  2. I love those lip paints! The packaging is so cute and the colours are stunning! Xxx


  3. the blushes look cute! And I haven’t yet found a blush that I love! I do love L’oreal and everything L’oreal! 😀


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