Charlotte Tilbury – Secret Salma

I have fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury products! I have seen them all over Instagram so I had to treat myself to something. My local House of Fraser store has a massive Charlotte Tilbury counter- so I was in my element but after looking I chose the Secret Salma matte lipstick.

First of all the packaging is beautiful!! It’s rose gold and there is a lip print on the lipstick! The colour itself is a deep dusty rose pink and has a matte finish. It is so creamy and doesn’t feel drying on the lips. I think it goes perfectly with any makeup look and it’s my new favourite along with MAC Whirl. I love dusty pink shades and this will be really nice for spring. The next lipstick I would like to get from Charlotte Tilbury is Kim KW.

I always think it is best to use a lip scrub before you apply matte lipstick as I like to apply it to a smooth base. The lip scrub I use is the LUSH sugar scrub.

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? If so, what are your favourites?


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  1. That color is so gorgeous! Love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. xx

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  2. I love this post,nice content. Can you check out what might be the beginning of a new spark on my blog.!

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  3. Lovely shade! 😍
    I’ve tested Very Victoria & Amazing Grace CT lipsticks and they are 100% going to be my next purchases!
    I received the ‘Seductive Beauty Palette’ today and it is incredible – would recommend trying to see if you could swatch it, palette literally has everything in it! 💕

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  4. Think I will try CT, everyone raves about her products…

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  5. such a stunning lipstick, I​ bet it looks good on! x

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  6. This is such a gorgeous lipstick and I love the shade! The packaging is also gorgeous too, it looks so sleek and expensive. X

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  7. I have totally fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury too! Her bronzer/highlighter due is amazing and I love her glosses.

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  8. What a gorgeous shade !!

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  9. This is such a gorgeous lipstick. I placed an order online for one of their lipstick as well as the airbrush powder and I can’t wait to get it and try them out. It will be my first trying the brand 😍.

    Lily |

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  10. Wow, it looks incredible! I’ve heard a lot of good for Charlotte Tilbury!
    Is it expensive?
    Love, elena


  11. After reading this post, i’m tempted to buy a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick… 🙂
    Great product review.

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  12. I would definitely suggest Bitch Perfect, Kidmans Kiss and Penelope Pink! I love all of her makeup. I’ve done a review on her foundations on my blog..


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