My Nude Lip Collection

I love wearing a nude lip, I think it goes well with any makeup look and can be dressed up or down. These are my favourite nudes and are a selection of lipsticks and liquid lipsticks.

NYX Lingerie – Ruffle Trim

I won this in a give away and I was so excited to try it. I love the colour and it is definitely one that I would have chosen for myself. It’s a liquid lipstick, it’s non sticky and dries really quickly. I find them really long lasting and are very pigmented.

No7 BB Lips – Ballerina

This lip balm feels so moisturising and is perfect for daytime. It has a very light colour to it so could also be worn over the top of another colour as well as by itself. It doesn’t feel sticky and is so easy to apply.

NYX Soft Matte Creams – Cannes & London

Both of these were originally my sisters’ which I ‘borrowed’ and I always alternate between these too normally for work. They are quick drying and long lasting. I do find these ones a lot more drying than the Lingerie range but I think they last longer. The only downside for me with these liquid lipsticks is that the applicator isn’t very precise so you do have to be careful when applying.

MAC – Whirl

I have been completely obsessed with this lipstick since I bought it. I featured it in my January favourites which you can read here.


Sleek Matte Me – Birthday Suit

I also won this in the giveaway and I love it, I think I prefer the formula of this one over the NYX Lingerie but they are very similar colours. It is so smooth and non drying, I always worry about that when wearing a matte liquid lipstick but I haven’t had that problem with this one.

These are all of my favourite nude lip products at the moment. What are your favourite shades? Have you tried any of these products, if so what did you think?


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  1. These colors are so gorgeous, love this post!

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  2. TheTypicalBeautyBlog February 8, 2017 — 6:13 pm

    Nice post! & loving your photographs! I have written a few of these down for my wish list now haha I love a nude lip and need to try them out! 💋

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  3. Have you tried the matte Collection ones? The Velvet Lip Creams. H x

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  4. These are so gorgeous 😍

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  5. Im obsessed with the soft matte lip creme formula, London is my favourite too!!

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  6. All of these lippies are super pretty!

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  7. The nyx lip butters are amazing. I have the shade London and I really want to try some more of their nude shades.

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  8. I love Birthday Suit, such a great formula and gorgeous colour! 😀

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  9. So pretty! X

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  10. I have MAC Whirl and its my fav! Great selection of shades !

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  11. I rarely wear nude lipsticks. I think i may have to try and find one. I will let you know how it goes! I’m inspired. Ha!

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  12. Ruffle trim and whirl are two of my favourite lipstick shades ever! Those other ones from Nyx look beautiful too, might have to try one of those! X


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  13. I have to try the NYX lingerie in ruffle trim! its so pretty!

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  14. These colours are so beautiful x

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  15. I love a few of these! love to find a good Nude colour 🙂 thanks for the recommendations x

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  16. Nyx’ matte lipstick Whipped Caviar is also worth trying 🙂

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  17. I’ve always wanted to try Sleek’s birthday suit! Great post xx

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  18. A great mix of products there. I love a nude lip, a don’t have many nude lip products though. I haven’t heard much about the sleek ones though I am a fan of the co company so I might have to pick one up next time I do an order from somewhere that sells them.

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