Too Faced Mascara 

Mascara is an essential part of my make up routine. Even if I am having a no makeup day I am more than likely to apply a small amount of mascara as I have very fair eyelashes. I have seen this Too Faced mascara all over Instagram for a while now and I have been dying to try it so I was so excited when my sister brought it for me.

I love the packaging of this mascara, as this is the waterproof version there are little water droplets on the packaging which is so cute. It feels quite heavy and is very sturdy so definitely not a cheap feeling mascara.

The brush is hourglass shaped and it lengthens, adds volume and curls your lashes. After one coat you can really see the difference I do have a bit of a mascara obsession so add quite a few layers. I have seen a few reviews on this mascara where people have said they found it clumpy but I haven’t had this problem when using it. I love the dramatic finish you get from a few coats of this mascara.

I use this Garnier eye makeup remover to take off this mascara as the makeup wipes I use couldn’t remove it. I apply a small amount to a cotton pad and hold it onto my eye for about 20 seconds then wipe the mascara off. It’s really gentle on my eyes and you don’t need to rub or struggle to remove it.

This is one of my new favourite mascaras and I’ll definitely be tempted to try the original Too Faced Better Than Sex. You can buy it in Debenhams for £19 which is more expensive than high street mascaras but it is a similar price to my other favourite benefit mascara.

Have you tried this mascara before if so what do you think of it?

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28 thoughts on “Too Faced Mascara 

  1. Remarkable Beauty Site says:

    I like mascara because it make my eyes pop. I don’t care for the kind that looks like I’m not wearing any. That’s the type I’d throw away without hesitation. I like volume…not heavy.

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  2. Lauren Cozens Makeup says:

    I really want to try this mascara and I always use waterproof because my eyes water so often but my Garnier Micellar water always struggles to get it off. Do you think this makeup remover would be better to use? x

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    • elljane says:

      Me too, I haven’t tried to remove it with the Micellar water but I do use the Simple Micellar wipes and they didn’t work for me so I brought this Garnier one and it works perfectly x


  3. itstessalee says:

    I am currently using the original (non waterproof) of this mascara and love it! I’ve been using it everyday for five months and am just starting to notice it is getting very dry and almost crumbly.

    Since I love the wand so much, i might start dipping into my drugstore mascaras with it and see how that works.
    I’m looking forward to trying the waterproof, thanks for the review.
    Tessa xx

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  4. kippinsbeautyblog says:

    I really want to try this as I really like the original but it doesn’t last all day on me. I love the garnier eye makeup remover! It’s the best I’ve found to remove waterproof mascara without irritating my eyes.


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