My Perfect Red Lip

I love wearing red lipstick at this time of year. It is so festive and goes with a lot of different make up looks. I have tried too many red lipsticks to count and although I have found a few that I love, this one is my favourite.


This is the Maybelline 24 hour super stay liquid lipstick. It is my go to and one that I will always repurchase!

It is such a long lasting lipstick, unfortunately it doesn’t last 24 hours but it does last a very long time. I always call it my kissable lipstick as Ryan is always cautious of kissing me if I have bright lipstick on but this one doesn’t transfer at all.

There are two parts to this lipstick. First of all you apply the liquid lipstick, I line my lips with it and then fill them in. You then need to leave it until it has dried and then apply the balm which seals it.

I feel so comfortable wearing this and I don’t have to worry about it coming off throughout the day. It’s quite nice to re-apply the balm every few hours just to freshen it up. I have never noticed the colour bleed and it doesn’t feel dry on my lips.


The colour I wear is 510 Red Passion. I buy mine in Boots for ยฃ8.99.


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  1. I love red lipsticks! Would’ve like to see a swatch of this one..xo

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  2. Oh wow, that is really gorge, such a rich red! Now i’m gonna be on the look out…thanks for the swatch xx

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  3. Looks great! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Question! I LOVE long-lasting lipsticks/lipgloss but I STRUGGLE with 24hr ones because they are generally very drying!! What do you think about this one? Is it better?

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ashley M. |

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    • Hiya, I really like them too! I have tried so many different ones, I think if you didn’t apply the balm once or twice through the day then I could become quite dry but I think as long as you let it dry before you put the balm on the first time then it doesn’t flake or dry, in my experience it hasn’t anyway! X

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  5. such creative photos! I have to try this one. My boyfriend will appreciate it haha โค

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  6. What?! Did I hear TRANSFER PROOF?!?!?! I need this in my life. Kissing-friendly products are a must during this time of the year!

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  7. It is a beautiful red ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Typically i use the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick but i do love liquid formulations so i may have to give this a go x

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  9. That looks like such a gorgeous Christmassy colour! Xx

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