Shopping Trip and New Buys

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and had a good weekend.

On Saturday we went to Guildford in Surrey for a much needed shopping trip. We started our day by having coffee and cakes in a little café. I had a lemon cake which is one of my favourites! 
I was on a mission as I needed new makeup brushes but I wasn’t sure which ones to go for. I chose these ones from The Body Shop. I bought them in a three piece set which included a blusher brush, a foundation brush and an eyeshadow brush. I paid £20 for the three brushes which individually would come to £33 so was a definite must have. The brushes are soooo soft and pick up just the right amount of product.

I then bought a lipgloss and primer from Kiko. I chose a colour correcting primer, my skin is quite fair and I do suffer with some redness in some patches which can be covered with foundation but I thought I would try this primer to see if it makes a different. So far I haven’t noticed any difference but as a primer it is quite good I think I am still in love with my baby skin primer which I mentioned in my everyday favourites.

As I have been buying so many lipsticks recently I thought a lipgloss would make a nice change. I was immediately attracted to this one because of the shape of the bottle. There were three similar colours to choose from so I had to let Ryan choose one of them for me. It is a light pink gloss with applies to the lips really nicely and isn’t too sticky which is always a good thing.

What recent purchases have you made and is there anything you think I should try?
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  1. hi El great post, I bought those body shop brushes about 3 years ago – they’re really good, nice and soft. ive still got them now! check out my latest blog post : xx


  2. Great haul, I love the TBS brushes, I own a few of them myself and they’re really soft ❤


  3. The Body Shop brushes are amazing! Great post ❤ xx


  4. Ah those makeup brushes look so clean😭 i cant remember the last time mine looked like that x!


  5. Great post….I’ve got a slight brush addiction! TKMaxx stock ecotools brushes and their blush brush is fab….I use it for blush and contouring as it’s quite thin by comparison to other blush brushes. One to try if you like soft brushes 😋


  6. good life. good vibes. October 26, 2016 — 4:39 pm

    Love the post! I desperately need new brushes!


  7. Great post!
    That lipgloss colour is gorgeous!xx


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