Surprise Getaway 

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend, Ryan, took me away for an amazing spa weekend. He wanted it to be a surprise so he only told me the night before. I was frantically running around trying to pack everything I may need, whilst also trying to work out where we were going. We had a fairly long journey to the hotel so I was very exciting once we arrived. The hotel was beautiful, it was like a castle, we went for a walk around the grounds and there was a magical moat around the building.

Ryan had booked us in for some spa treatments after a lovely lunch. I had a facial which felt amazing and a massage which was very relaxing! We then chilled out in the spa with some lemon infused water (which I am now obsessed with!).
Our dinner was incredible and we were extremely full after! We then went for an evening still around to hotel to walk off our food baby, and had a drink in the hotels gardens.

breakfast the following morning was delicious. I had warn waffles with summer berries, which was the perfect breakfast for me!

We went for a drive after our breakfast as I love exploring new places and I had never been here before, visiting the local farm shops was a must. We had an afternoon tea with beautiful cakes and scones, it all look amazing and was so delicious.

It really was a perfect birthday present and a lovely weekend. It is so nice to get away and relax, which everyone needs to do every once in a while.
What would you like to do as a surprise getaway?


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  1. beautiful. xxx

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  2. Okay had to start following you after this post. I’m a Texas girl, but I love a British breakfast and a castle. Enjoyed this one.

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  3. This looks like an amazing place and retreat! Glad you enjoyed a lovely birthday!!! X


  4. What a lovely boyfriend you have. This looks like an incredible surprise getaway, beautiful location


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